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surge your digital strategy
$100/per 10 employees.*
Custom Digital Strategy
Understand Your Strategy
Customized To Fit Your Business Needs
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Surge Your Paid Search
20%/of your monthly spend.**
Custom Campaigns To Fit Your Business
Optimized & Updated Vigorously.
Monthly Reporting You'll Understand
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Surge Your Conversion Rate
$500/per 20 employees.***
Analysis Of Current Conversion Rate
Conversion Rate Optimization Plan
Implemented By The Experts at dataSURGE
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Complete datasurge
All Of Our Services wrapped into one package
Customized Conversion Focused Website Design
Monthly Reporting You'll Understand
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*Price goes up per additional 10 employees, i.e if a business had 20 employees the digital strategy cost would be $200.

**Variable rate depending on monthly spend.

***Price goes up per additional 20 employees, i.e. if a business had 40 employees the conversion rate cost would be $1000.

****$400 monthly is a flat rate cost for our complete solution, however since this package includes our other services bundled into one a mandatory setup fee of $800 is mandatory.