We'll get you leads.
And even show you how we did it.

No games, no gimmicks, we are here to help you target the correct market, and ensure your company is visible online whether that's through ad space online, or email marketing or any other approach through digital marketing that fits your businesses needs. This combined with our turn-key solution provides an indefinite surge in conversions, leads, or sales across your marketing platform. All backed with a 30 day money-back guarantee if we don't deliver.

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Turn-key digital marketing services for businesses of any size.

We'll get your business showing in the right market, through a digital strategy, with a real conversion rate optimization plan, that can be verified through our monthly reporting for managed services.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

dataSURGE offers conversion rate optimization strategies for businesses struggling to meet their needs with current lead or online sales volume. The experts at dataSURGE will analyze current performance, then create and implement a custom conversion rate strategy based on your businesses needs.

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Digital Strategy Creation

dataSURGE can create a digital strategy for your business that you actually understand, that's saying something considering most of our competitors don't offer to really dive into the strategies they provide to their clients, that's what sets dataSURGE apart from other agencies. If you know your business could perform better online, and want an agency that will show how it's all done let our experts help.

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Understand The Services You Pay For

If you're looking for an agency that will leave you in the dark on the services you are getting, don't look at us... we are all about teaching our paying customers about what we are doing for their business to increase online digital marketing performance. We take pride in knowing that we jump through hoops to make sure our clients really get what they are paying for.

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Reporting You'll Actually Understand

dataSURGE provides our managed service customers with monthly reporting that is reviewed with your point of contact in no less than hour reviews each month! In this hour long review we will review the metrics you see in the report, what they mean for your business, and how we are optimizing the services provided to your business to further increase performance.

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Consistent, effective, simple

dataSURGE was built to deliver a real, turn-key digital marketing platform for any business, any size. After working for multiple well known agencies, in-house under start ups struggling to bring in leads, our founder has a vast amount of experience in real world digital marketing scenarios dataSURGE was created to eliminate the current way most small businesses view agencies.

Surge Your Conversion Rate

Surging your conversion rate allows us to pinpoint inefficiencies in your current conversion setup, create a personalized digital strategy. In doing this, we verify with our clients that their specific need has been met, once this is complete we ultimately implement the entire conversion rate strategy.

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Surge Your Paid Search

Surging your paid search means we help your business to better adapt to the winds of change in paid search. From Google, to Bing and all in-between, our fully managed paid search service will get your business seen through ads all throughout your target market, whether that is through email marketing, or an online search.

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Surge Your Website

Surging your website, is a broad term to the range of digital services we offer to our clients that are in need of one-off projects. These include website creation, SEO, website maintenance, conversion focused copy writing, and many many other services. If you're not sure what you need check out our free consultation.

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Complete dataSURGE

With our Complete dataSURGE plan we take over your entire online presence, we develop your marketing strategy, your online conversion strategy, and then implement it into a completely customized to your business website created by our experts. From there you can expect a fully managed service involving your digital marketing.

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Working with you, to create a custom marketing strategy.

We work with you to create a marketing strategy that fits your current business needs. At dataSURGE we want to make sure your businesses needs are met first and that starts with a marketing strategy that fits your business model. You can expect a custom marketing strategy that you understand, in a format you understand.

WEEK 2 & 3
Website creation, and conversion rate strategy.

After your custom marketing strategy has been created, your business will work with the experts at dataSURGE to create your new, conversion focused website that will fit like the missing puzzle piece into your new custom marketing strategy. You can expect custom landing pages, and a full understanding of how your new website will bring you clients.

WEEK 4 & 5
Creating your online Ads or other online marketing foundation.

After your website has been created, and our experts have verified that you completely understand the ins and outs of your website, we then create your online ads, email campaign, or other online marketing foundation to match up to your businesses needs. This is what will drive you new clients, and those leads your business has been missing out on.

WEEK 6 and beyond
Optimization of your strategy, and performance measurement.

We'll follow-up with you to measure early results, through a completely customized to fit your marketing strategy portal which you will login through our managed service. From here you will receive your reporting, that our team will personally walk you through each month. If you remain a subscriber, we'll make tweaks and optimize your campaigns this will improve performance each month!

Complete datasurge

What to expect

Our goal is to maximize your businesses online digital marketing performance.

With our Complete dataSURGE option you will get a completely custom marketing strategy, website, and conversion strategy. As long as you remain a paying subscriber of this service you will receive monthly reporting, and optimization to your strategy to further increase your businesses online digital marketing.

We work closely with each client in order to help them genuinely attract new clients. We make sure our clients happiness is #1 at dataSURGE that's why we have a slot based system on our complete solution, this means we don't take on new clients when we can't handle them just for profit.

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simple, and thorough.


Cancel anytime. 30-day money back guarantee if we don't deliver the results we promise.

surge your digital strategy
$100/per 10 employees.*
Custom Digital Strategy
Understand Your Strategy
Customized To Fit Your Business Needs
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Surge Your Paid Search
20%/of your monthly spend.**
Custom Campaigns To Fit Your Business
Optimized & Updated Vigorously.
Monthly Reporting You'll Understand
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Surge Your Conversion Rate
$500/per 20 employees.***
Analysis Of Current Conversion Rate
Conversion Rate Optimization Plan
Implemented By The Experts at dataSURGE
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Complete datasurge
All Of Our Services wrapped into one package
Customized Conversion Focused Website Design
Monthly Reporting You'll Understand
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*Price goes up per additional 10 employees, i.e if a business had 20 employees the digital strategy cost would be $200.

**Variable rate depending on monthly spend.

***Price goes up per additional 20 employees, i.e. if a business had 40 employees the conversion rate cost would be $1000.

****$400 monthly is a flat rate cost for our complete solution, however since this package includes our other services bundled into one a mandatory setup fee of $800 is mandatory.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have queries, please visit our FAQ page or contact us

What information is included in a 'lead list'?

We'll send over the lead's name, email and discovery platform (where we found them) as standard. No campaign is the same, so sometimes we have other fields, such as gender or location.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, prospecting is GDPR compliant but you must follow some rules. Read more here

How do you deliver my lead lists?

We normally send over CSV files. We build our lists inside Airtable, but export them for easy upload to your favourite email software.

Who is on your team?

We have 2 full-time members right now - Tony Maguire and Lisa Hidds. We also work with contractors to fulfil our campaigns as we scale.

Can I get a free trial?

We don't offer free trials at the moment. This is due to the fact that we're a human-powered service, so free trials would massively stretch our resources.

Are your leads cold?

We define our leads as 'lukewarm' - we use prospecting to find leads that are most targeted to a business, so you'll always be reached out to people who are most likely to subscribe to your product.